COVID-19 Relief

There is so much information on available financial resources it is as overwhelming as it is confusing.


Acronyms no one has heard of, three different names for the same loan, intricate eligibility requirements, contradicting guidelines, …to name a few of the barriers to understanding what you can, and cannot, apply for. 


The information represented here is not comprehensive (that is an impossible task in this climate of daily change) but it is updated frequently to the best of our ability and reflects the extent of our current knowledge of applicable resources for arts organizations and artists. ***some obvious funding resources are not listed here, like the Freelancers Relief Fund and Artist Relief Tree, because they are overwhelmed with applications and maxed out with available funding.  

The New Normal: A Guide for Residents and Commercial Establishments

Miami-Dade County has created re-opening guidelines in this living document.  Instructions on how to submit plans, emergency orders, and specific industry protocols - and more - are all included to help you as you begin to reopen your doors to the public. 

Where You Can Get Money

Multiple resources for both government and private loans and grants. This list is not comprehensive, many of the below organizations provide additional funding resources on their own websites. 

Artist Relief Grant

A $5,000 grant to artists with a simplified application process and awarded to 100 artists each week, by random drawing. The grant has five cycles from April 8th through August 20th and you can apply once per cycle. There are no expense nor accounting requirements.

Who is eligible?

All artists who make the bulk of their money from their creative endeavors; all sole proprietors, self-employed, independent contractors.

Jaquel Knight Foundation Dancer’s Relief Fund

Relief funds for dancers in Miami, L.A., New York, and Atlanta affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Who is eligible?

Dancers in Miami!

United Way Miami Pandemic Response Fund

An emergency response, community funded initiative providing micro grants to small businesses.

Who is eligible?

Local small businesses and families struggling with emergency needs including rent/mortgage assistance, food, and medication.

Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant COVID-19 Fund

A temporary fund for artists impacted by postponed or canceled performances and exhibitions providing one-time grants of $1,500.

Who is eligible?

Individual artists, and individuals representing a collective/ensemble/group, making work of contemporary or experimental nature who had an engagement canceled or postponed.

Miami Foundation Community Recovery Fund

Grant for local Miami nonprofits whose operations are severely impacted and supports their long term recovery.

Who is eligible?

Local Miami nonprofit organizations experiencing major disruptions in their on-going fundraising and income generating activities.

Rauschenberg Emergency Medical Grant

A one-time grant of $5,000 for unexpected medical emergencies.

Who is eligible?

Visual and media artists and choreographers.

NEA CARES Act Grant Program

Swift grants to preserve jobs and support organizations forced to close operations. Funds are for staff salaries, fees for artists or contract personnel, and facilities costs.

Who is eligible?

Organizations who have previously received NEA awards in the past four years.

Economic Injury Disaster (Advance) Loan / EIDL / $10,000 “Cash Advance”

A forgivable loan from the Small Business Administration, basically a grant, to be spent on payroll, rent, utilities, and mortgage interest.

Who is eligible?

Small businesses and nonprofits; all sole proprietors, self-employed, and independent contractors.

Helpful Information

Not sure which government program fits your needs? Really confused about the current financial situation? Need help deciphering eligibility and decoding complicated applications? These resources can help you.

PPP Loan Forgiveness

Access the loan forgiveness application and instructions

Freelancer’s Union

Freelancer’s Union has a treasure trove of resources. Get help with insurance, contracts, payment negotiations, even free classes on creating social media content in time of Coronavirus. You can join as a member for free or just participate in their open community meetups (which are now virtual).

Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs

Archive of cultural updates and resources.

Federal Funding Opportunities – The best and most comprehensive guide for federal funding available during the COVID-19 crisis

A comprehensive guide on eligibility for all available funding through the CARES Act and other government stimulus and grant programs, prepared by the Americans for Arts organization.

Arts & Business Council of Miami

Arts & Business Council of Miami has compiled a list of resources for funding, artist opportunities, workshops, virtual “work from home” tips, self-care, and many many other COVID-19 related resources for assistance. These resources are provided for free for Miami-based artists.

Independent Sector tool for eligibility criteria

CARES Act guidelines for eligibility and help with applications.

A Guide to COVID-19 and Your Finances: What You Need to Know has compiled a COVID-19 financial guide to provide in-depth information on the current economic situation, much of which they have specifically tailored to the freelance/self employed/small business sector.

A Side-by-Side comparison of EIDL and PPP

A thorough review and comparison of the two loan programs covering eligibility, forgivable expenses, and much more.

Voluntary Surveys

Let your voice, and your woes, be heard.  In order to campaign for recovery support from both public and private sources, accurate financial loss and canceled cultural event information is needed.  Dancers never complain, but there is a time and place for everything.  Besides, everybody has a time for a survey these days when we are all stuck at home with no rehearsals or classes.

Miami Dade County Cultural Community

A monthly survey collecting data on revenue losses, jobs affected, and increased expenditures due COVID-19.  The county developed a tool to help calculate the necessary data for the survey.  

Current survey data is being collected from April with a deadline of May 6.

Americans for the Arts survey (for both individuals and organizations)

The survey is collecting information on the financial and human impacts of the virus on arts and cultural organizations. The data will be organized by specific geographic regions, artistic disciplines, and budget categories providing a clear picture of WHO was impacted and HOW MUCH.

Freelancers Union Survey

Survey responses will help guide and target relief efforts and advocacy focused on freelancers.

With the support of The Miami Foundation, the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, the Office of the Mayor of Miami-Dade County and the Board of County Commissioners, and the Miami-Dade Country Department of Public Housing and Community Development.