Due to cancellations of events and performances because of the COVID-19 virus, please ensure that your performance (or audition, other group/public event) is still being held. If you have purchased tickets to a cancelled event, please consider donating your ticket cost to the performing organization. Above all, stay healthy!

In this time of social distancing and shelter-in-place orders, we can be thankful for our creative roots as "necessity is the mother of innovation” (Plato). Never have we been more in awe of our dance community for its originality in programming for fellow artists and audience members. Virtual classes are happening continuously, worldwide, by dancers from their own livings rooms; archival content is being shared generously to inspire those quarantined at home; inventive collaborations between choreographers and audiences are flourishing online despite in-person interactions fading away.  


Miami Dance Hub is making an on-going effort to provide links to organizations offering consistent virtual classes.  You can find these under the “Open Classes” tab.  Follow us on Instagram for in-the-moment updates on live classes and streaming performances.  Again we look to you, our community, for synergy in collecting information.  Please send your classes to submissions@miamidancehub.com to add your virtual classes (all styles of dance and fitness) to our list.

We are all artists-in-residence of our own homes so let’s make the best of it.  Stay healthy, stay safe, and keep dancing!


Cameron Basden and Trisha Carter

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South Florida is home to several large and small-scale dance organizations who can greatly benefit from your support! Visit their websites to find out how you can help support dance in our community.

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