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“All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come.” Victor Hugo

Miami Dance Hub supports racial equality across all industries and is committed to continued action within our areas of expertise: the dance arena and south Florida Community. 

While the preferred language of choice for communication is DANCE we can use our voices too. There are many policy decisions affecting your ability to perform that you have the power to change through your voice, email, and ballot. Listed below are national organizations whose purpose is to protect and preserve the rights of artists and performing arts organizations. This list below is not comprehensive but it is a good place to start finding out who your senator is, where to send communication to your representative, and what issues are currently facing policy makers. Get involved and take action for what you believe in.


Want to be more informed on what and who to vote for? Listed below are links to more information on arts advocacy issues, pending policy decisions, and contact templates for your representative, senator, etc.

Be An Arts Hero

A website resource for all things advocacy for the arts. This grassroots campaign is run by arts individuals to bring awareness for needed proportionate relief to the arts industry sector. You can find customized graphics or make your now, you can access letter templates and contact directories for your senators, you can create your own video and be a part of their campaigning, and much, much more.

Performing Arts Alliance: Advocacy tool kit

PAA’s advocacy toolkit contains helpful information for connecting with lawmakers and building relationships that encourage their understanding of and commitment to our sector.

Dance USA: Advocacy & visibility

Dance/USA represents the interests of the national dance community before Congress, the White House, and federal agencies. Dance/USA works with the broader arts field to advocate for the development of national arts policies that recognize and strengthen the cultural community's ability to contribute to American life.

Americans for the Arts: Advocacy toolkits

As a constituent, you are the ideal grassroots advocate to convey to members of Congress how essential the arts and arts education are to your community. We want to make it easy for you to take action, build relationships with your representative's office, and highlight the advocacy work you are doing in your community and schools.

Performing Arts Alliance: Issue center

PAA informs members and performing arts supporters about these federal policies and also educates lawmakers on the contributions of the sector to our society. Explore the issue enter to learn more and discover how you can speak up for the arts.

Dance USA: Research & information

Dance/USA conducts research having a national scope and provides information services to Dance/USA members, the press, and the general public.

Americans for the Arts: Advocate homepage

Anyone can Advocate for the Arts and have impact. Americans for the Arts provides tools, research, and training that help arts professionals and regular citizens alike become seasoned arts avocates.

National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures: Voting guides and advocacy resources

NALAC actively shapes cultural policy and uses its voice to advocate for policies benefiting Latinx cultural workers, communities of color, and the wider arts and culture sector.

A4: Asian American Arts Alliance: town halls discussing trending issues and community conversations.

The Asian American Arts Alliance offers programs that build community and provide resources through peer-learning, collaboration, and professional development, furthering the careers of Asian Americans in the arts and supporting a healthy arts ecosystem.

Americans for the Arts: Research for arts action

Whether you are an arts leader, elected offical, or citizen advocate, you need action-oriented Research to help you advocate for better arts policy on the local, regional, and national level. This research hub highlights reports and services that can help you and your organization achieve your goals.

International Association of Blacks in Dance: Advocacy issues and resources

IABD uses it voice to advocate for policies benefiting the Black dance and the wider arts and culture sectors. Anyone and Everyone should advocate. Being an arts advocate is as easy as reaching out to your representatives at the local, state or federal level.


We have compiled resources on our website for getting involved, donating, and learning more.  Our social media channels are featuring dance videos, arts actions, and individual artist voices all working towards elevating critical issues, highlighting necessary solutions, and creating artistic expressions in response to racial inequality, injustice, and disparities.  


Synergy is the key to creating a future where racial equality reigns.  Miami Dance Hub stands with you: every dancer, every performing arts company, and every one — regardless of their race, gender, preference, or religion.  Let’s make the world on stage, off stage, and backstage, a safe and equitable place for us all to dance.  

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NAACP Petition & Policy Action Links
Black Lives Matter
Anti-Racism Project
Equal Justice Initiative
2020 State Primary Election Dates
ACLU: American Civil Liberties Union

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Teaching Tolerance: Self-Guided Learning
National Museum of African American History: Talking About Race
Yale University: Becoming Trustworthy White Allies
Education Post: Better Conversation. Better Education.
Code Switch: NPR

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Human Rights Watch
NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund
Project South
The National Bail Fund Network
The Bail Project
Anti Police-Terror Project
Black Lives Matter

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