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Accessible information on performances, classes, resources, events, auditions and dance happenings in South Florida.

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Get Involved


While our preferred language of choice for communication is DANCE we can use our voices too. There are many policy decisions affecting your ability to perform that you have the power to change through your voice, email, and ballot. Listed below are national organizations whose purpose is to protect and preserve the rights of artists and performing arts organizations. This list is not comprehensive but it is a good place to start finding out who your senator is, where to send communication to your representative, and what issues are currently facing policy makers. Get involved and take action for what you believe in.


Bolstering the Arts, Together. Over the last decade, Miami’s arts community has flourished into one that truly resonates with the city’s multicultural and multilingual public. #MiamiArtStrong is an ongoing campaign to strengthen the impact and ensure the longevity of the arts in Miami.


Miami Dance Hub supports racial equality across all industries and is committed to continued action within our areas of expertise: the dance arena and South Florida Community. We have compiled resources on our website for getting involved and learning more.


Synergy is the key to creating a future where racial equality reigns. Miami Dance Hub stands with you: every dancer, every performing arts company, and every one — regardless of their race, gender, preference, or religion.  Let’s make the world on stage, off stage, and backstage, a safe and equitable place for us all to dance.  

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