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Accessible information on performances, classes, resources, events, auditions and dance happenings in South Florida.

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Cameron Basden
Co-Founding Director

Yanis Eric Pikieris

Digital Content Manager

Miami Dance Hub is a multi-faceted resource that offers one stop shopping for dance in South Florida.

Miami Dance Hub is a non-profit organization fostering a collaborative professional dance community that empowers and equips artists and businesses to pursue their full potential. Since 2018, Miami Dance Hub has offered digital resources, social platforms and industry events that connect dance professionals to networking and business opportunities.


Our purpose is to develop a cohesive dance community with common goals and shared resources. We unite, educate and excite dancers and audience members by promoting the wealth of opportunities available in dance skill development, experience and performance. Miami Dance Hub serves as a source of information to make dance in Miami more inviting, accessible and easy to navigate.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

Miami Dance Hub supports equity and opportunity across all industries for all people, regardless of one’s race, ethnicity, gender expression, sexuality, neurotypicality, physical abilities, immigration status, religious beliefs, or socio-economic status. We are committed to evaluating and ensuring equity in Dance, particularly in South Florida, through our policies, partnerships, and creative productions.

About Miami Dance Hub

Meet the Board

Teddy Talbot


CEO & Co-Founder of TAME Dance Academy

Allyn Ginns Ayers

Vice President

LegalART Link Director

Melissa Verdecia


Dancer, Educator, Creator

Kiera O’Rourke


Arts Advocate/Policy Manager

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