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Accessible information on performances, classes, resources, events, auditions and dance happenings in South Florida.

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We are compiling a comprehensive directory to provide the South Florida dance and dance fitness community with the varied resources it needs to collaborate and thrive as a network!

Our goal is to launch te directory in the fall to help individual dancers and arts organizations market their services as our industry rebuilds post-COVID-19. 

Please provide us with your general contact information and services you offer in the form below.  ***We want everyone to feel they are appropriately represented in their best light and encourage you to be thorough and specific. For each entry include any and all websites, relevant media, and social handles for reference. 


Contact Information: Miami Dance Hub,,

Services Provided: Social Media Marketing, Industry Networking, Online Library and Dance Related Resources

→ Other examples of services: studio rental, theater rental, lighting design, costume design, stage management, artist services, injury therapy, etc.

→ Other examples of entries: instructors, dancers, choreographers, organizations, physical therapists, rehabilitation centers, theaters, production managers, lighting designers, stage managers, wardrobe/seamstress, etc.

Not sure if you fit?

Think of anyone affected by the current shutdown: performers to stagehands, designers to directors, instructors to rehabilitators – there are many people directly, and in directly, involved in the dance community besides the obvious dancers.  **If you are uncertain whether you would qualify, email us at with your related services and we can help.  

Directory Submission


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